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Please be aware that the REPOX is, since 2015, managed by EUROPENA PRO!
This site is therefore maintained as only an historical record. Please visit:
REPOX v2.0

REPOX - Data Aggregation and Interoperability Manager

REPOX is a framework to manage data spaces. It comprises several channels to import data from data providers, services to transform data between schemas according to user's specified rules, and services to expose the results to the exterior. This tailored version of REPOX aims to provide to all the TEL and Europeana partners a simple solution to import, convert and expose their bibliographic data via OAI-PMH, by the following means:

  • Cross platform
    It is developed in Java, so it can be deployed in any operating system that has an available Java virtual machine.

  • Easy deployment
    It is available with an easy installer, which includes all the required software.

  • Support for several data formats and encodings
    It supports UNIMARC and MARC21 schemas, and encodings in ISO 2709 (including several variants), MarcXchange or MARCXML. During the course of the TELplus project, support will be added for other possible encodings required by the partners.

  • Data crosswalks
    It offers crosswalks for converting UNIMARC and MARC21 records to simple Dublin Core as also to TEL-AP (TEL Application Profile). A simple user interface makes it possible to customize these crosswalks, and create new ones for other formats.
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