Data Aggregation and Interoperability Manager
Data formats

Compatibility tests with bibliographic data exports of the libraries bellow have been performed. These formats are supported in the current version of REPOX. Other libraries may send us a sample of their data for testing and, if necessary, adding support for it in REPOX.

Library Format Character-Set
National Library of Portugal MarcXchange UNICODE(UTF-8)
National Library of the Republic of Albania ISO-2709 (local variant) ISO-8859-1
The National Library of Poland ISO-2709 UNICODE(UTF-8)
National Library of the Republic of Moldova ISO-2709 UNICODE(UTF-8)
National Széchényi Library ISO-2709 ENSEL
The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine ISO-2709 (local variant) CP1251
National Library of Estonia ISO-2709 UNICODE(UTF-8)
Royal Library of Belgium ISO-2709 ISO-8859-1
The Central National Library of Florence XML (local schema) UNICODE(UTF-8)
National Library of Spain ISO-2709 UNICODE(UTF-8)


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